Specialty Games at Online Casinos

As one would expect, there are traditional casino games that can be enjoyed at online casinos, but now some of these casinos are adding more games to their roster, and they are sometimes called specialty games.


Some but not all casinos offer a whole selection of bingo games. Then some others offer mini-bingo games which can be played faster than regular bingo games. These are very much like the mini-slots that are sometimes offered at the casinos that are played in between games. For those that offer a full roster of bingo, they often have several different rooms that can be played in for different patterns and different wagering amounts.

Pull Tiickets

Another specialty game that may be offered is pull tickets. These are sometimes offered at different prices and can add up to some great wins.


Keno is a game where you get to select a group of number, and when the balls are rolled and if your numbers turn up, you can win a specific amount of money depending on your bet and how many of your numbers turned up. There are different variations of this game available where the gameplay can be quite simple or complex.


This is another type of casino specialty game that is catching on fast. This is similar to lotto games that are played on-land casinos. There are different versions available and some are called power balls.

Each casino will have a selection of casino games along with some specialty games. This adds variety for the customers who have joined a particular casino. The objective of the casino operators is to make sure they have enough going on to keep their clientele busy. Often, specialty games are used as an extra attraction for the casinos so they have something different than their competitors.

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